Save the Date – Cultured Steel


Save the Date – Cultured Steel

Cultured Steel

This amazing two day festival boast a full fledged celebration of the five elements of Hip Hop, beginning with paying homage to the past by way of a gallery presented by Paradise Gray, the Arkitect of X Clan.  Paradise, who has been around Hip Hop since the days of the Latin Quarters, has accumulated an amazing collection of Hip Hop memorabilia and photography and has acquiesced to showcase a portion of his phenomenal collection to open the festival. Some of his collection’s never before seen pictures include those of Hip Hop founders and success stories who are no longer with us. Cultured Steel will also showcase a number of the cultures different expressions during the two days including breaking, graffiti, a conversation surrounding the culture, as well as performances by both Rapsody and Talib Kweli!

Cultured Steel is hosted by a collective of Pittsburgh Hip Hop entrepreneurs who have chosen to be the custodians of the culture in an area of Pittsburgh threatening complete gentrification.  We are comprised of artists, business men/women, as well as lyricist, producers, DJ’s, dancers, and designers.  Via a grant provided by the Heinz Endowments and the Pittsburgh Foundation, two of the leading arts and culture funders in the United States, the Pittsburgh Hip Hop Collective has hosted successful monthly Hip Hop events, as a collective, since the beginning of the year garnering numerous attendees since its inception. Our Cultured Steel event is the crowning point of both our endeavors and Pittsburgh’s summer.

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