Jasiri X will join Cornel West, Chuck D and more for Hip Hop Summit


Jasiri X will join Cornel West, Chuck D and more for Hip Hop Summit

By SCOTT MERVIS, For Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
September 14, 2020

Pittsburgh rapper, educator and 1Hood Media co-founder Jasiri X will be the host for a Hip-Hop Political Education Summit on Sept. 22 that will feature philosopher/activist Cornel West, Public Enemy frontman Chuck D, Sen. Cory Booker, DJ Envy and others.

The summit, presented by REVOLT.TV on National Voter Registration Day, will feature panels on voter suppression and issues confronting people of color, along with performances and poetry.

Among the other guests will be Cordae, Michael Eric Dyson, Latosha Brown (co-founder of Black Voters Matter), Soledad O’Brien, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka and Melanie Campbell (National Coalition of Black Civic Participation).

“I think now more than ever we need to use our voices and platforms to build real political power,” Jasiri said, “especially when you have an administration that’s literally killing us.”

West was recently a guest on 1Hood’s Power Hour, where he praised the Pittsburgh-based hip-hop nonprofit for doing work that “spills over all across the empire.”

Before launching into the discussion of political and social issues, West stopped to honor the city’s great jazz legacy.


“Pittsburgh, I just want to say, is not any city. Pittsburgh has produced more of the high quality jazz musicians than any city in the history of the country,” he said, adding “jazz is the highest expression of what it means to be human, modern, American and black in the U.S. empire.”

He proceeded to rattle off the names Mary Lou Williams, Ahmad Jamal, George Benson, Phyllis Hyman, Roy Eldridge, Earl “Fatha” Hines and Billy Eckstine. 

“We could go on and on. Pittsburgh is UNIQUE.”

West, who supported Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, went on to say that the choice between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was a choice between a “disaster” and a “catastrophe,” respectively.

The Hip-Hop Political Education Summit will stream on REVOLT’s YouTube, website, and Facebook platforms from noon to 7 p.m.

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