#NeverLovedUs – Jasiri X


#NeverLovedUs – Jasiri X

Inspired by the Dream Defenders #neverlovedus campaign, Jasiri X breaks down recent cases of American injustice over Drake’s Worst Behavior instrumental. Download #NeverLovedUs a thttp://jasirix.bandcamp.com/

Every time I ride around hearing siren sounds
Some crooked ass cop might fire rounds
And the shot might lie me down
Somebody got to tell my mom they paralyzed her child
We need Malcolm with the M-1 and then some
Booby Seale with the shotty filled get some
Man we need Farrakhan security
For every Black child that made it outta puberty
Black leather jacket black shotgun Huey P
Bet you’ll see them bullets fly nigga duty free
Before I’m crucified like a cross on ya jewelry
By crooked police in the hood on a shooting spree
Ask Leon almost had to read his eulogy
Shot five times by the cops so brutally
In a wheelchair and still getting all the scrutiny
Even though America truly be acting on her worse behavior

Did we pay more attention to Michael’s new Jordan’s
Than the outcome of Michael shooting Jordan
For protection do I need a rifle when performing
If we start turning up will they try to murder us
Dangerous black kids we ain’t welcome in suburbia
All we want is justice and equality the nerve of us
Still deny services criminalized by journalist
Turn the other cheek and get killed by christen conservatives
Mass incarcerated in prison is where they herding us
Calling us thugs you see em try and Richard Sherman us
They act like aint nothing worst than us
But be the first to bust last to get searched and cuffed
We ain’t forget you use to purchase us
Left us swinging from the trees or you burn us up
Now we organized and ready to stick the merchants up
So give them purses up
For you see us on our worst behavior

Andy Lopez was only 13
7 shots from a sheriff left him in the dirt leaned
To his mother and his father had to be the worse scene
Do you know what hurt means
When you see your child dead and his shirt seems
Liquid from the thickness of the blood still squirting
Dear God can you answer me 1st thing
Can you wipe the earth clean
Of all the hatred in this world and let the church sing
Amen turn to today’s hymn whose gonna save them
Cause in North Carolina Jesus they slayed him
In the back of a cop car cuffed they sprayed him
Then told us that he killed his self like satan
So when you see me on MSNBC
Or on Huff Post Live and I bust 45s
Until I see America shut both eyes
Call the hearse to claim her on my worst behavior

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