We Rise La


We Rise La

  • Date: 24 - May - 2018
  • Time: 19:00
  • Location: 1726 N SPRING ST LOS ANGELES, CA
  • Venue: We Rise - Main Stage

Critical Justice: Mass Incarceration & The Impact on Communities

This conversation takes a deep dive into the connection between poverty, violence, and oppression as a driving force for community trauma and mental illness. This powerful panel of artists, doctors and activists will explore the mental and emotional toll the prison system takes on incarcerated individuals and loved ones left behind. Our speakers provide real world advice on diverting individuals in a mental crisis with safe language and emergency alternatives.

WE RISE is an expansive 10-day pop-up festival of art and community building, uniting our collective efforts to stand up and help create a city, state, nation and world that fosters empowerment of health and wellbeing as a civil right. Through powerful programming, live performances, immersive workshops, inspiring wellness events and a world class art exhibition, together we will manifest an era where youth are supported to reach their fullest potential and our communities can thrive.

WE RISE challenges us to see that creativity, community and collective action has the power to change the culture, climate and systems. People need support to heal and thrive. Individual and collective traumas can tragically manifest as addiction and gang affiliation, anxiety and suicide. It’s time to take action and reimagine what’s possible.

This generation is demanding more from their schools, their doctors, their government each other. At WE RISE, we come together, artists and activists, students and workers, to join to create a healthier and more just society.