March 2, 2016 Grammy Award Winning Che “Rhymefest” & Activist Jasiri X Form Super Hip-Hop Duo “Kill Switch”


March 2, 2016 Grammy Award Winning Che “Rhymefest” & Activist Jasiri X Form Super Hip-Hop Duo “Kill Switch”


Bogota, Colombia — Che “Rhymefest” and Jasiri X have formed a new Hip-Hop Super Group, “Kill Switch”. Doing what they do best, the duo is currently traveling through the country of Colombia, creating revolutionary music and videos as they simultaneously lead a team comprised of artists and activists, to raise awareness around UNGASS (Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly on the World Drug Problem).


They’ll be exploring, documenting and reporting on how drug policies that originate in the United States, directly connects to the global war on drugs impacting mass incarceration, narcotics proliferation and individual lives. In late 2015, the “Open Society Foundations” awarded 1Hood Media with support to explore this topic. As such, Rhymefest & Jasiri X will be interviewing the Mayor of Bogota Colombia, speaking with Arts & Culture experts in Cartagena and visiting the childhood home of the late Pablo Escobar in Medellin.


“KiLL Switch’s” debut album titled “#WarOnUs” is due out this spring. The Album will be comprised of social and politically charged music that dives head first into topics ranging from police violence and Black on Black crime, to an unequal American judicial system and environmental disasters. Get ready for the Album too controversial to be made In America.


Fresh off of his 2016, Grammy win for “Glory”, based on the motion picture Selma (Academy Award Winning, Best Song) and recent Showtime debut, of his critically acclaimed documentary “In My Father’s House”, Che “Rhymefest” brings to the team his work as a writer, artist, activist, political organizer and teacher. Che is also co-founder of Donda’s House where Chicago youth get premium arts training.


Always, at the intersection of social justice reform and activism, co-founder of 1Hood Media, Jasiri X just performed at #JusticeForFlint organized by directors Ryan Coogler and Ava Duvernay. Coupled with the success of his recent album, “Black Liberation Theology”, this project is yet another indicator of Jasiri’s steadfast nuanced approach to social justice matters.


Jasiri was also recently featured in the new award- winning documentary “#Bars4Justice”, which premiered at the annual Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, California, produced and directed by Queen Muhammad Ali and Hakeem Khaaliq, co-founders of Nation19, who are also a part of this delegation.

Follow Jasiri X & Rhymefest on Twitter and Instagram @jasiri_x & @Rhymfest, with the Hashtag #WarOnUs.