Artivist Forum

Art has the power to help us re-imagine our communities. We believe in the power of bringing people together around our common hopes and dreams. In this spirit of building community, we present to you the South Los Angeles Artivist Forum on Tuesday July 22th at 5 pm. Join cultural[…]

A Year After Trayvon Martin, Who Is Leading the Race Conversation?

“Artists are in a unique position where we don’t have to be elected. We don’t have to say the politically correct things,” says Jasiri X, a hip-hop artist, activist and founder of 1Hood Media, which runs a Pittsburgh academy that encourages young black men to analyze and create images of[…]

Activists Continue Fight Year After Zimmerman Verdict

“Soon after the verdict, Jasiri X, a Pittsburgh rapper and activist, made a song expressing his frustration with the outcome. Years before, he founded One Hood Media, which runs workshops and classes on prejudices and media literacy for young black teens.”   Read article here.

Cultured Steel Hip Hop Festival

On July 31,and August 1, 2014, at The Alloy Studios and the Kelly Strayhorn Theater in East Liberty, the first annual “Cultured Steel” Hip Hop Festival, presented by the Pittsburgh Hip Hop Collective will take place. Cultured Steel will be headlined with performances by Talib Kweli and Rapsody, assisted by[…]

#NeverLovedUs – Jasiri X

Inspired by the Dream Defenders #neverlovedus campaign, Jasiri X breaks down recent cases of American injustice over Drake’s Worst Behavior instrumental. Download #NeverLovedUs a thttp://jasirix.bandcamp.com/ LYRICS Every time I ride around hearing siren sounds Some crooked ass cop might fire rounds And the shot might lie me down Somebody got[…]

Save the Date – Cultured Steel

This amazing two day festival boast a full fledged celebration of the five elements of Hip Hop, beginning with paying homage to the past by way of a gallery presented by Paradise Gray, the Arkitect of X Clan.  Paradise, who has been around Hip Hop since the days of the[…]

Another Unarmed Black Teenager Killed by Police #JusticeforJaba

Last Saturday, 19 year old Denzel Curnell aka Jaba had an encounter with a police officer at the housing projects where he lived in Charleston, South Carolina. That unfortunate encounter has left the unarmed youth dead, shot in the head, and has raised a lot of unanswered questions. According to The Post[…]