America’s Most Wanted: Hip Hop, The Media, and Mass Incarceration America’s Most Wanted: Hip Hop, The Media, and Mass Incarceration is an in depth discussion regarding the negative imagery prominent in current Rap music and probes who is responsible for shaping the negative narrative that dominates the genre. How Mass Media Leads to Mass Incarceration further analyses the direct connection between the contrary images of young men of color and the inordinate proportion of the same demographic fueling the prison industrial complex.

Why is New Media Essential for Marginalized Communities All too often marginalized communities are either underrepresented or misrepresented in media. Our mission is to improve self image, dispel stereotypes, and provide a positive forum of self expression and community acceptance. Our workshop is a means of educating the participant on the effects of media societal perception, and more specifically, on how it shapes the way we oft time view “reality”. We would like to explore the constant bombardment of media images and how these images shape perception of self, community, and ultimately the world. We desire to educate specifically regarding the fallacies involved in the utilization of certain images and how incorrect, warped perceptions are formed, as well as, how to counteract the effects. The participants will be taken through the process of how positive voices are cultivated via various forms of media and the positive results thereby produced. The specific focus, though not limited to, is to educate the participant in the nuances of the culture of today’s media, as well as, to enhance their focus on education and personal accountability in today’s world.

The Basics for  the Independent Artist Often times independent artists are torn between working at a job to pay their bills and honing their gifts and talents to forge a way for themselves. This workshop focuses on the basics of getting yourself out there as an independent artists. Topics addressed include branding, artist social media/internet presence, website development on a budget and grant writing strategies for the independent artist.

How to Succeed in Hip Hop Without Selling Your Soul is an in-depth discussion juxtaposing Hip Hop culture’s often negative impact on today’s society with conscious artists steadily working to combat it’s negativity with online activism and music set to enlighten, while successfully transitioning from online to on the ground activist. Jasiri X examines the partnership of online activist and Hip Hop artist and their respective use of social media networks to share pertinent information and spearhead movements, as was seen in the role online activism played in the Troy Davis and Trayvon Martin cases. Participants will walk through Jasiri X’s personal journey of successfully navigating the intersection between Hip Hop and activism to a establishing a viable career path without compromising his integrity. The discussion will further discuss the importance of artists being active in their local communities and how it will help them establish their base and thereby enable them to move out and create change. Highlights of the workshop include exploring the shift in the entertainment industry paradigm, which now renders websites as the new DJ in terms of aiding to artist success.

Race, Gender, and the Power of  Hip Hop – Clearly, Hip-Hop is a powerful means by which to reach and influence a large and diverse cross-section of the American population.  Therefore, attention to the type of language being used is critical, particularly when artists delve into issues surrounding race, gender, and sexual identity; special consideration must be given to the ways in which this language then impacts mainstream views of and attitudes toward specific groups of people.  Through this discourse, we explore how language can be used to improve self-image, dispel stereotypes, and provide a positive forum of self-expression while examining the power it has to shape the way society views “reality”.  We challenge audience members to consider the ways in which changing the language they choose to use helps them to enhance their personal focus on education, race, gender, and personal accountability.

The Hip Hop Pedagogy – Undoubtedly, the Hip Hop culture is the primary culture embraced by youth all over the world.  1Hood Media stands as the antithesis of the negative stereotypes associated with Hip Hop and uses Hip Hop to promote social change in the ways that the founding fathers intended.  This workshop will showcase how we utilize the Hip Hop Pedagogy to educate, influence and empower young people. This workshop/panel will look at the various dimensions of media literacy, who’s behind the media; in an attempt to uncover the underlying themes and messages in relation to the target audiences and how these images are interpreted and internalized as well as externalized effecting individual, communities, cultures, and society.

Black Lives Matter is the Fulfillment of Dr. King’s Dream – Oft times, Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. is relegated to a few sound bites, that rarely show the totality of Dr. King as he evolved in his work as an activist and leader of the civil rights movement. Why Black Lives Matter is the Fulfillment of Dr. King’s Dream works to show the correlation between Dr. King’s work, and the modern Black Live Matter movement.

Art, Activism, Technology and the Evolution of Social Justice Movements – This workshop explores how the use of art and technology has changed how social justice movements are borne, as well as how activists engage, organize and incite change. As three elements of art, technology, and social justice converge we are witnessing an unprecedented shift in modern day organizing. This workshop explores this phenomenon.