Jasiri X goes after Donald Trump with ‘The Whitest House’


Jasiri X goes after Donald Trump with ‘The Whitest House’

by Scott Mervis

Pittsburgh rapper Jasiri X has delivered a searing statement with “The Whitest House,” the first single from his forthcoming album, “The New N—-.”

The song is a direct attack on the Trump administration, which he accuses of supporting white supremacy. The song is accompanied by a video of Jasiri, in a “Got Privilege? Hoodie, rapping in front of the White House, produced by RLGN and shot by Terrence Smith.

“It took me a long time to write authentically about this current political moment,” the rapper said in a statement. “I wanted to make a statement about the rise of White Supremacy from the White House on down and what it means and has meant historically for Black, Brown, and Indigenous people. When I saw Kanye wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, I felt it was time to tell the real truth about the treatment of oppressed people in this country.”

“Forty-five make you wanna grab the 45,” he raps. “Nazis? What is this, 1945? Progressive whites so horrified. Black people, like, we tried to tell you, you ignored the signs.”

He continues, “The slogan on that red hat was so popular/who knew it meant marching with torches and waving swastikas?”

“I wanted to make sure it wasn’t all about Trump,” Jasiri told me. “He’s not the father of white supremacy, although he benefits from it.”

Jasiri is the founder of 1Hood Media and recipient of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation’s Artist as Activist award.

“The Whitest House” is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

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