Jasiri X and 1Hood Media host 1Hood Day 2016


Jasiri X and 1Hood Media host 1Hood Day 2016

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PITTSBURGH, PA (August 3, 2016) — We are proud to present 1Hood Day on Thursday, August 11, 2016 and Friday, August 12, 2016. Now in its second year, 1Hood Day is 1Hood’s annual Hip Hop festival. 1Hood hosts Part One of the celebration 5:00 –10 PM at Repair the World, 6022 Broad Street, and Part Two from 5–10 PM at Anthony Rivers Park in East Liberty, on the corner of Broad and North Saint Clair. Both events are pay what you can and open to the public of all ages.

Celebrating the Hip Hop culture in all its manifestations, the two-part event builds on uniting family, community, and music in Pittsburgh’s conscious Hip Hop community. Based in knowledge of self, 1Hood honors all the pillars of Hip Hop—including MCing, DJing, B-boying, graffiti at the event.

“We need/needed a platform for the community artists, by the community artists,” says 1Hood artist and Assistant Creative Director Idasa Tariq. “1Hood Day brings artists, youth, people and their families together to enjoy each other’s company, build and network with each other, and show the public that Hip Hop can always be a positive catalyst for this, when used properly. Especially for building up the youth.”

Part One of 1Hood Day aims to showcase the emerging, young talent in Pittsburgh with an evening Youth Showcase. The event features 10 performers, speakers from local organizations, and dancers from the new Level Up Studios in Garfield on Penn Ave. Audiences can enjoy fresh talent, music, food, and music by DJ QRX of 1Hood Media.

Part Two highlights 18+ local and nationally-recognized artists making waves within the Hip Hop community. Hip Hop artist, producer and activist David Banner, along with internationally renowned poet, publisher, playwright, performance artist, and producer jessica Care moore headline Friday’s festivities. The two powerhouses are joined by local 1Hood artists Idasa Tariq, LUC, Blak Rapp Madusa, Livefromthecity, Tyhir Frost, Jacquea Mae, Jordan Montgomery, and M.A.N.-E. The event also features performances from local B-boy/B-girl dance group the Get Down Gang, Coach Blue, speakers from local organizations, food, music and much more.