Connections, Pride and Spirit (CPS) Day Host Jasiri X


Connections, Pride and Spirit (CPS) Day Host Jasiri X

  • Date: 08 - Feb - 2017
  • Time: 09:40
  • Location: Oakland, California
  • Venue: College Prep

Jasiri X presents a workshop and performance at Connections, Pride and Spirit (CPS) Day, CPS Day is an opportunity for our school community to learn about equity and inclusion through workshops, performances, and play. CPS Day supports our school’s mission and is rooted in our philosophy and core beliefs. This year the theme “Homeland” is intended to guide reflection about where we live, work and come from as some of the ways we might define our own experience. College Prep itself draws from a plethora of communities that together make up the “Homeland” that is College Prep. In light of recent world events, this theme seems especially relevant to consider and discuss.

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